If you can find use of any of these tracks, you can download them as MP3 or FLAC from the player below. If you need a high res WAV version, please get in touch via the form in the bottom of this page, so I can hook you up.


Feel free to use them for personal and/or commercial use. Showreels, films, advertising or just pure listening pleasure... Permission granted.


If you feel like it, you're welcome say hi and maybe let me know what you intend to use the music for via the form in the bottom. That would make me really happy. Who knows, maybe this also serves as the beginning of a beautiful friendship :)

Stay safe and stay creative!

Human Robot Soul / Simon Damborg

Strange COVID-19 times indeed. Many are struggling to keep it together while maintaining some kind of business-like creativity. Governments are raising huge budgets to help everybody get by and big corporations are lending a helping hand by making software free. You kind of wanna help any way you can. 


I thought I’d like to try to give something back, so I’ve decided to set free a bunch of tracks. I call it the list of Abandoned Music

It's a small but growing list of tracks, that was looking for love but found nothing but a cold, dead harddrive. 

Some were meant for a personal project, that now seems like a really far fetched idea, some has been released in various forms as digital downloads and yet others never found a purpose in life.

Sound Designer

Music Composer

Recording Artist

Sound Designer

Music Composer

Recording Artist


Human Robot Soul

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